Made with thought & intent.

Our story



More than just beads, Kristie Stephenson, Story & Myth’s founder, has carefully crafted the line to uplift and empower its wearers. Each bead symbolises inspiration, strength, hope and faith, with the aim to inspire those adorned by them to rise above fears, setbacks and life’s inevitable challenges.

A strong believer in the metaphoric power of a culture’s longstanding stories passed down from generation to generation, Kristie often shares folklore and ancient mythology to illustrate truths around self-empowerment, inner strength and divine protection, as well as calls for a collective push towards a more socially and environmentally conscious community. This belief in the potency of cultural tales is what sparked the creation of the line’s Story & Myth name.

"This is a brand that truly encapsulates the meaning, essence and spirit of social enterprise.  Here is a grass roots organization that is both uplifting marginalized communities and promoting Jamaican culture and folklore.  Working with farmers and persons with physical disabilities, Story & Myth gives new life, meaning and purpose to Jamaica's job's tears seeds.  Story & Myth is reinvigorating oral histories while also creating job opportunities for people in need.  I don't come across a lot of organizations like this in Jamaica, which is sad.  There is a real need for more setups like this which help to empower larger communities of people in sustainable ways.  Big up yourself Story & Myth, it was a pleasure telling your story." ~ Ania Freer, Goat Curry TV.