Story&Myth was conceived by Kristie Stephenson.

She moved back to Jamaica in 2011 and initially started consulting on architectural projects.  However the universe conspired and replanted nostalgic seeds tied to a necklace her dad gave to her at age 8.  She could not shake the memory of this precious necklace and started asking around for its beads.  The family handyman, farmer was the first to fulfill her request and gave her a 'scandal bag' full of beads.  It was at this point Kristie started to research different beads and their meaning. One of the beads and jewelry that interested her were the Hindu and Buddhist prayer beads (108 beads).

The name of the line came about from her growing up in the Caribbean and it having a strong spiritual background in an environment where reality and fiction/ stories and myth, blended perfectly into a rich storytelling culture.  She recalls her grandfather being a great storyteller.  She loves stories, the wisdom found within them and how stories can provide a sense of comfort and connection.   For jewelry making the beads are perfectly sustainable - mother natures perfect bead, they come with ready made holes.

Job's Tears are one of the most popular beads as it is a symbol of faith and hope in times of uncertainty.  

Though a variety of beads and precious stones are used for the Story and Myth line of jewelry. While sourcing the beads she also spoke with a Maroon woman who told her the story of how in times of war the Maroons would hide their children and leave a trail of the Job's Tears beads leading back to the remote caves that was their refuge. 

Another saying they had was that the beads help keep you slim and have other medicinal uses but this is largely dependent on cultural beliefs and not based on empirical evidence. Job is a character in the bible who had everything, so the devil got permission from God to test him, he took away his wealth and health and still he did not curse God, he was eventually blessed with double.  The story of Job teaches us to be certain and have hope in times of uncertainty. 

Job's tears grows near to waterways and along the banks of rivers, which is home to the Jamaican fresh water mermaid known as the River Mumma.  She is the guardian of waterways, rivers, and streams, she considers the fish in these waterways her children.  She asks us to take care of our environment and our natural resources. 

In ancient texts it is said that Krishna the Hindu god, made a necklace for Radha his consort from the Job's tears seeds and it is considered to be a necklace that represents LOVE, Victory & Overcoming obstacles and odds.

Story and Myth presents a new perspective on jewelry and presents an innovative approach to entrepreneurship. 

Kristie sees her company as innovative and continues to carve out a niche for her creations.  Job's tears beads grow on a grass which is usually burnt because it is seen as a nuisance bush but she has turned this bother into a beam of beautiful hope. 

The jewelry is handmade with thought and intent by a community of artisans some of whom have disabilities. 

It is more than just a bracelet or necklace, we are providing a connection, we are all connected in this world.